Thursday, August 11, 2011

TaDAA...another new FAV!

Cannot. Get. Enough. Am loving this new iPhone app that my youngest sister introduced me to...simple UI, simple photo editing options, simple way to share your cool photos across the love LOVE! I have had Instagram for a bit, but don't like it nearly as much as Tadaa!
It was just released in June 2011, by a small company based in Germany:

"Cool thing about tadaa is that people get immediate feedback on their photos, no matter whether it's a gorgeous arty photograph or just a snapshot of something that matters to them and that only friends & family would care about.

Users can like, dislike, reply with a photo, engage in threaded conversations. Every user gets a browsable photo blog (like the one below) so friends that are not on the service or don't have an iPhone can stay in touch. Photos on tadaa are super high res, which can be really appreciated on a large screen when browsing the site. Differently to other services, Users keep the rights to their own photos on tadaa."

Check out my online album of fun iPhone pics, enhanced with the fabulous Tadaa app!

Before & Afters:


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