Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thoughts before race day

This was a goal for my sisters & I to complete...we trained hard...and I'm so amazed of the time, energy, dedication {and money, obvs} that we all put in.

Without them by my side to lean on for support both mentally and physically, I'm honestly not quite sure if I'd be ready for this race. This journey was tough. It was long. It was a test of our abilities... our strength... our willingness.
And thank goodness for some wonderful help and advise from our running coach Blake... And for the awesome acupuncture sessions from Michael!! And of course a huge THANK YOU to all the friends and family that helped watch Kapri when needed, during my endless hours of training. Lastly, the unwavering, constant support and love from the hubby... Love you babe!!!

PROUD - is the one word that comes to mind when I think about the last 4 months. It's been a road full of blood, sweat & tears - no joke. Love you girls, so glad it's you that I'll be crossing that finish line with!!! xoxo
Today we went to the Race Expo to pick up our bibs, and now we're all staying the night together at Amanda's - so we can get our gear ready & wake up at 3am...ew.

We did it!!! Now let's get this show on the road...literally!


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