Saturday, May 26, 2012

The REAL costs of running

So you think running is FREE do you??

Well, think again...especially if you are a beginner, training for a long race like me.

With just 4 short days left in our very 1st Half Marathon training journey, I thought it'd be a good idea to jot down all the costs that are associated, with OUR particular case {this will vary per person of course!}:
  • Rock & Roll Race Fee: $115
  • Running Group Membership: $150
  • Running Gear: $296
    • Shoes (Brooks): $100 (post here...that was with a 20% discount too...whewww)
    • Custom-Molded Shoe Inserts: $69
    • Compression Sleeves (Skins A400) - recommended by my acupuncturist = $57
    • Hydration Belt: $37 (Nathan's brand)
    • Sony earbuds with volume/track change remote: $30
    • iPhone Armband: $3
  • Clothing: $175 (let's face it, you'll need a few pairs of everything...unless you want to run in stinky clothes OR do laundry every day!!)
    • I personally bought:
      • 4 pairs of pants ($70 at Marshalls)
      • 3 sports bras (in addition to the handful I already had - $10 - cheap I know...Walmart!)
      • 6 pairs of socks (with the thick little tab above the heal to prevent slipping down into shoe - ($10 - TJ Maxx/Walmart)
      • 9 shirts/tanks ($45 - TJ Maxx/Walmart...yes Walmart - I'm cheap when it comes to shirts that I buy only to SWEAT in!)
      • New shirt/sports bra for race day = $40 (we each got bright-colored, matching to come of course!)
  • iPhone Apps: $3
    • I bought the Nike+ app ($2) and an Interval Timer app ($1)
    • MapMyRun is a great free app as well! I actually think I prefer it over the Nike one...
    • Find a good free/cheap music app as well (like Pandora) or create a fab playlist - at least 2.5 - 3 hrs long (I use MOG):
my 'fitness' app folder
  • Meds: $16
  • Massages: $126
    • $41 - online deal with $13 tip - it was the worst massage I'd ever gotten!
    • $20 - tip only, from free one from a health expo at work
    • $45 - referral deal/tip, from Amanda
    • $20 - tip only, for after-race massage Chels bought me as a Mother's Day gift
  • Doctor Visits: $90
    • Co-Pay for General doc (to get PT referral) = $25
    • PT co-pays (1 total - cancelled other appts because I loved acupuncture so much!) = $25
    • Acupuncture co-pays (4 total) = $40
  • Miscell: $35
    • Foam Roller = $20
    • Transportation = $10 (for race day coaster train ride down to starting area)
    • Race Day "Runner Tracker" (for up to 5 people to get runner updates during race) = $5
  • Endurance Drinks/Energy Chews/Gels: $56
    • 3 Containers of Gatorade "Glacier Freeze" powder (8 packets = $4/ea)
    • Sampling of different GU Chomps & Gels = $12
    • Box of Peach GU Chomps (2x caffine - my fav!) = $23
    • Box of Chocolate GU Gel (best flavor out of Straw/Banana or the PB, in my opinion) = $9
our favs!

So, in total, during this 4 month process - I personally, spent about $962...whoa!

I'm extremely shocked to see that number actually... Of course I didn't spend all this at once either, no way do I have that amount of extra money just laying around. I also don't have credit cards... so all these purchases were spread out over the entire 4 months little by little (and a bit of help here & there). Again - this was just MY scenario... it could definitely be less....or definitely higher if you have finer taste in running gear than I do ;-)


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