Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1/2 Marathon Training - Month 2 Recap

I cannot believe we've completed HALF of our training already...it blows my mind looking back & realizing how dedicated we've been to our running schedule for the past 8.5 weeks - GO US!

We've been told that if we can make it to the 8 week mark, it'll get easier from here. Let me tell you... it's been a struggle. And I completely realize that if this were an EASY feat, than everyone would do it.

But they don't.

Because it is hard.
Because it is time consuming.
Because it is a long-term commitment.
Because it is draining.
Because it challenges us.
Because it is outside a comfort zone.

Lucky for us, we have each other to motivate & push us on to the next day. the next run. the next struggle to finish. About 3 weeks ago, I found myself in a moment during a run that required their strength to help me through. Where would I be without them?? No idea. Probably laying in a gutter from over-exerting myself during a run!

To celebrate this monumental event - I've rewarded myself with a new pair of kicks (it's been way TOO long):

I was torn - it was either the blue ones on my left foot, Saucony Progrid Omni 10 - or the 'winning' pink shoe. Going to try these out for a few runs to see how they feel: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12

What I've Learned
2 Month / Halfway Mark
  • We've discovered "GU" energy products...life changing. Or as my sister said "Holy jeebus, how did we ever get by without them?!" hahaha
  • Taking an extra rest day (or two) occasionally is NEEDED - you're body will tell you - just have to listen...and know that it won't adversely affect your training. For us, we're no longer running on Wednesdays now, since our training has ramped up. So time to work on our core!
  • No run days are the same... you could have 2 days where you eat the same, sleep the same, drink the same amount of water/liquids, stretch the same - but one day you could feel GREAT and the other like CRAP. There are no guarantees!
  • Eating a good, carb-y dinner (like breaded chicken & pasta) the night before a long run is very beneficial... sister also said "eat lots & lots of food (protein & carbs especially) to keep up with all the fat and calories your burning" 
  • Blisters WILL happen...and they will hurt...and they will prevent you from running your best. I've tried athletic tape, band-aids, blister covers, corn covers...and now I finally found 'toe caps' ($14 for 4, yikes!) that I have yet to test out.
  • We all love our foam rollers to 'roll out' our sore, tight calves... so does Kapri! haha

  • More thoughts from my sis, Chelsea:
o   Don’t wear yoga pants, they will fall down  
o   Running form is super important in order to avoid injury or pain!!
o   Hydration belts are essential 
o   Never run without those special socks (the ones with the little ‘lip’ on the back end), the regular ones will eventually slip down and become a pain in the ass!! 
o   Good upbeat music is key in order to keep you motivated and avoid boredom…
o   And so is a smartphone, so you can have your music, interval timer, and run tracker all in one handy place!
o   Avoid running in the early-mid afternoon K it gets friggen HOT and is NOT fun.
  • More thoughts from my sis-in-law, Amanda:
o   It’s great to have running partners, makes for good accountability 
o   Planning out your schedule so you work around the runs (i.e., going on your lunch breaks, planning alternate runs if you’re going to be out of town, after work runs, etc.) 
o   Headphones that have a remote/clicker attached is clutch, so when a slow song or something you don’t like comes on, you can easily change it
o   Tracking your runs (ie: on an app) or have someone track them with you to see where you started and how far you’ve come


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