Friday, March 30, 2012

Love this little voice

Happy Friday!! So glad the weekend is just about here...though it feels as if it's already started since I'm enjoying my hot cup of DD Vanilla coffee from my cozy couch, while I snuggle under the blankets with my little bug right by my side. Literally the first thing she said to me when she woke up was "mamma, can I snuggle wif you??" Gahhh, melt my heart.

I'm working from home today...have my work & personal laptop open, while K sits next to me with my phone, on her flashcard app (in the insect section - ew) with Tarzan 2 on in the background.

Anyway - on Monday (the worst day of all weekdays) - I received the cutest voicemail from Kapri... I swear I could've teared up over her adorable little voice and sweet words. I didn't delete it all week, until yesterday I realized that I wanted to save it forever, so I could remember this voice and a small piece of this fun age!

So I sent it to my personal email and converted it into a video using Windows Live Movie Maker. I worked on it last night for maybe 30 minutes and came up with this - it's only 20 seconds of cuteness, but really, that's all you need!

"hi mommy...I miss you...I love you...I talk to you later...byeee"

Man I love this girl...and this age - she's so vocal and especially lovey lately, which obviously I adore and cannot get enough of!


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