Tuesday, April 3, 2012

*Updated* Hair Clip Holder for K

It was time to update K's old hair clip holder... the previous one I made over 2 yrs ago was a little too small for all the clips & bows I've made Kapri over the years. I actually finished this aWHILE ago, but totally forgot to put it up on the wall...til now...love that it has a little shelf on top too.

I bought it on sale at Michael's for literally $1 (whoa) and it was just plain unpainted wood. So I unscrewed the black metal hinges, painted a few coats of a bubblegum pink color, added a coat of acrylic spray, screwed the hinges back on and added a 'self leveling' picture hanger hardware (the toothed kind) on the back.

Then I just cut strips of ribbon, 2 thick ones and 3 skinnier ones...hot glued them on the back, hung it up & added all her pretty bows. So organized.

K & I just love it...though this is almost full now as well...geez!

I'll still keep the other one up and remove the ribbons...I like the wooden sign...I'll probably use it to hang up K's outfits for the next day ;-)


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