Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bigger the better - Hat shopping!

Holy Hats!!! Chels, Kapri & I went shopping for hats the other day...never have I ever been hat shopping like this...

Where: Village Hat Shop in Hillcrest
Why: For Opening Day at the Del Mar Races

So excited!! 

This place is seriously amazing...AH-MA-ZING! Such gorgeous hats... so many to chose from (though I knew exactly what I was looking for...which made it easier!). I highly recommend getting down to Hillcrest to visit this fabulous shop (or check out their website - link above next to 'where') for your future hat needs! We had a blast trying on hats... as you can see:
so many choices...from BIG to small, haha!
Seriously AHmazing creations in this place
photos of some historic hats
Couldn't help myself...maybe I'll do a fascinator head piece next year!
Kapri of course loved all the fun hats too!
I ended up getting this white, wide-brimmed beauty, aptly named the "Del Mar Swinger"...perfect for the Del Mar Races! Now time to jazz this thing up with my own personal *touch*! Stay tuned....

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  1. Oh look at all those beautiful hats! I like the one you chose. Can't wait to see what you do with it :)


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