Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pool Day Fun & Beer Can Cake

I love summer pool days with all our friends, while the kids play/swim together. It's so cool to see them all growing up year after year, becoming more independent and closer as little buddies...
Seriously - cannot handle their cuteness

This pool day/get-together was for Nate's bday... so instead of a case of beer, I decided on bringing a beer-can 'cake'... it was pretty much awesome!

All I did was tie together cans, placed on various sized cardboard circles, then wrapped each tier with ribbon...each tier comes off, making it easy to place in the car & transport. Then I just quickly assembled it when I got to the party! And that tray on the bottom is just a cheapy pizza tray ;-)


Would love to hear what you think!! {sorry for the 'word verification' box, I just really hate SPAM comments}

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