Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July Fun

I'm so late in writing this....July has proved to be a crazy packed, fun-filled month!

Soooo, for July 4th I had the day off, James had to work during the day...but at least he'd be home at night in time to take Kapri out to watch her first ever firework show! So she & I spent the day at a friend's down the street, just hanging out, playing on the greenbelt. Luckily I found this tent/ball set she'd gotten for her 1st bday, and I'd totally forgotten about it... so the kids had fun in that for awhile...until it got a little beat up, haha!

I was going to do the watermelon/cheese "flag" platter, but I didn't luckily - because someone else did! So instead I brought cheesecake-stuffed strawberries, with blue sprinkles to fit the theme... as well as some "Cake Batter" style muddy-buddies {recipe here}...which in my opinion were too sweet. And I like sweet. A LOT. But these were too much...can't believe I'm saying that. Anyway, I think I like the regular muddy-buddies better...mmmm

After that, we went home to get James then meet up with another pair of friends for fireworks. We drove just minutes down the street to the Aviara golf course, which we'd never been to before. This place was amazing...huge open space (the course obvs) with kids running around and people sprawled out on blankets & was seriously THE perfect spot.

Once the show started, Kapri was a bit startled...she covered her ears for the first few minutes (luckily we prepared her the past few days, telling her they would be loud but soooo pretty!)... but after she got used to it she was in awe. As were we actually. I literally felt like I could just reach out & touch them at times - they were that close. So beautiful. This will definitely be our little spot for years to come. Next year we'll plan on getting there an hour early, get good parking & having dinner on the grass.


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