Saturday, June 30, 2012

Showering Baby Miles...from miles away

SOOO super sad I couldn't make the trek up to NorCal today to celebrate a beautiful mamma-to-be... my "Bammie" and fellow lover of all things "crafty", Miss Kate:

Her 1st child/son Miles will be born in August...and I could NOT be more excited for her & her hubs! She was one of the first few people I told about my pregnancy when we used to work together. Since then she's moved up north, found a new great job...and just bought her first new amazeballs house - though I'd love to actually see the inside one day soon, haha!

Anyway - when I found that I wouldn't be able to make it for the shower, I knew I had to make some great gifts to send up with my sis-in-law to give her.

First up...Name blocks. She'd asked me recently how much I charge for a whole set of alphabet blocks. But I'd only made those once as a gift & never thought about prices I gave her a rough estimate then made a mental note for a potential shower gift. I dug around and found she was doing greens/blues in the nursery, along with some plaid print...voila!! (note - if you move the "S" in front of the "M"..."SMILE"!!)
thought I'd use Kapri's artwork as a backdrop...a little fun?!
Then I totally stalked around on her Pinterest page and found this little guy on her 'to-do' list... so I whipped one up & named it "Scrappy the Elephant" softie...made purely from scraps of extra material I had laying around. I made a few teeny I'll have to make little Miles another (more fashionable) one after he's born ;-)

Next up: The Bowtie Ribbon Suspender Onesie!! 
So in love with this.  Kate had sent me a picture of a similar idea she'd found, and asked if I could replicate. **I'm always up for a little challenge**  So I asked her what colors... and this is the end result... Again, first time doing this one - so I've made some notes on areas to improve on next time around (especially with the proper use of dying fabric) :-\

In addition to all that - she had sent the shower invite, with the cutest message that basically said - instead of signing cards, buy a book & sign that... so I bought 2 (the one K picked out didn't have an area to write on). And while I was in Target, with Kapri patiently reading her own princess book... I picked up "Love You Forever" - and began to read.

NOTE: I must be the ONLY person/parent, who's NEVER heard or read this book ever before. Because after I bought it & told people about it - they totally knew it, had remembered it from their childhoods, etc. So - not sure where I missed that train. 

Ah well - point being: I cried. CRIED. In the middle of their tiny book section... fanning away my pathetic sappy tears with the book itself. I knew right then & there - THIS was the book I had to get her....especially since she's having a boy, and a boy is part of the book.

Inside the front cover - I typed a pretty lengthy letter to Miles, telling him what wonderful parents he had, and what he'll learn from them. And on the back cover - a sweet letter to mamma of course, and reference the "moments to cherish" from THIS post!

Then I threw in a little safari-themed burp cloth & some adorable bunny slippers - which K had gotten has a gift from a friend, but they were too small the day she received them. So I've kept them on hand for the moment I could pass them along:

Love you dearly Kate - hope your shower was everything you hoped for & much much more!! I'll start savin my pennies for a trip up to see you THREE when the time is right!! xoxo - BAM
Kate & Kapri - she's a natural mamma :-)


  1. Thanks for stopping by The Gunny Sack! Sorry I didn't leave a link in my post! I've updated it now but here it is:

  2. So cute! Loved looking a pics and seeing baby boy! Newest GFC follower from Rae Gun. Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can.

  3. So cute, that baby is going to love all of it! Stopping by from Skip To My Lou!


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