Thursday, June 28, 2012

PreK Grad Party & Teachers Gifts

Of course Kapri didn't graduate from preschool, but she did "participate" in the little grad show they put on for all the parents. And when I say "participate" - I mean, she stood there, dressed as an adorable little carrot, doing absolutely NOTHING!

There was singing, there was alllllll the other kids, both older & a few younger than her...and she stood there, with one finger in her mouth most of the time - staring at the crowd of proud mammas & daddas....and occasionally at us, while we acted like total pageant-parents...mouthing to her silently "sing"... "SING!"..."dance Kapri, DANCE!!" over & over.

Humm...maybe next time I'll bust out one of those lolly pops in the depths of my purse & waive it above my head - then she'll sing! LOL:

LOL - it was cute & frustrating at the same time. Because she is soooo not like that at home...singing & dancing is a fav activity in our household - so what gives?!! I'm just gonna sum it up to stage-fright in front of so many random people whom she'd never met! haha

Anyway - after the 'performance', we got to hug our little munchkins, then go to the back patio for a yum potluck & drinks, while the kids either played in a huge bouncy and/or trampoline...said trampoline is IN the ground. Yes - IN the ground... like, they must've dug a HUGE hole, the exact height of the trampoline, so that the grass is right there next to the jumping part! Genius!! Totally prevents those mega high K had a blast with her BFF:

We're seriously so grateful for K's school & teachers - she's learned so much over the past 11 months... including the potty training bit...oye. So to show my appreciation...I hit up Pinterest to test out my version of THIS, which I pinned almost 8 months ago, knowing that I would most definitely do it!

"Thank you for helping me grow" ... awww

LOVE how they turned out...and using an actual 60" dressmaker's tape measure, cut evenly into 4 pieces was MUCH easier than painting the top of the pot yellow and making black lines for every 1/4" - that honestly would've taken me forever! I just hot glued it to itself, very snugly...that way the teachers can remove it if they want. Also - chalkboard SPRAY is much easier/faster than the paint kind. Save yourself the hassle - spend the $8 on a spray can! haha

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  1. what a lovely present! I hope you'll stop by and add this and any other posts you're proud of to my Wednesday What We Wore, Read, and Made Link party



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