Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Del Mar Fair 2012

Today after work we headed to the fair - as tradition just about every June...

My sis met us there & our first stop was Kiddie Land for some rides that were Kapri's size. We went on spinning balloons, a caterpillar roller coaster, and a monster truck ride with SiSi (random!). Though she was not having any rides all by herself...so we had to waste tickets on ourselves to join her! haha, maybe next year she'll understand that she'll get to go on MORE rides if she went on them herself. Or maybe with a buddy next time. Chels & I went on a crazy ride too....it was cake for her, but I was almost peeing my pants. I used to go on ANY & EVERY ride...the faster, the higher, the scarier....the better! But now...I'm a total wuss...Just looking at the crazy rides makes my stomach do flips!

Her FAV ride yet - I was laughing so hard, her little screams were to adorable...then my sis pointed out her drool towards the end...SO funny:

And of course, like previous years...we indulged in our favs....nachos, corn dogs, chocolate covered banana/strawberries and warm cinnamon rolls...then had a little photo booth time (will have to add to THIS post)! The last pic cracks me up! PS - WHYYYY can't they make the books like, 6" wider?? We barley fit! Next year we may have to do 3 strips... one with her & I, one with her & James, and one with me & James :-*

The fair will end on July 4th...then it'll soon be time for the races!! I'm finally, for the first time, going to Opening Day....I can't wait to wear a big fancy hat! haha


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