Sunday, October 14, 2012

Disney On Ice!

After hearing about this from multiple people I knew we had to take Kapri! With her love of all things Disney and Princess - it was perfect.

There are a few different themed Disney on Ice shows, but the one we decided on was the "100 Years of Magic". 

We kept it a surprise until the day of... after her afternoon nap, we just told her to pick out a Princess dress to wear (she was so confused) she decided on Rapunzel! I braided her hair, added a flower clip and her new purple crown (awesome dollar store purchase!)...paired with her pretty purple wand, she looked beautiful:

She kept asking where we were going, it was sooo hard not to tell her! not like she'd even know what "Disney on Ice" was unless I showed her a video on YouTube or something.

Anyway - as we walked in she pointed out & admired all the other little girls (and some boys) dressed up as their fav characters. It was funny to see all the kids checkin each other out! We were early, so decided to check out where our seats which point she saw the castle prop at the end of the ice 'stage' - so that's when we told her where we were and what we'd be seeing...She was ecstatic!

We got some popcorn & cotton candy, and got cozy in our seats... just before the show began she kept covering her eyes to try & further 'surprise' herself, haha, silly girl!
Just watching her in sheer awe of all the ice skaters and saying 'hi' to all the characters was just TOO cute... it brought a smile to each of our faces. It's moments like those that are so cherished as a parent. The gold crown pictured above came with the cotton candy purchase - it has mickey ears on the sides that aren't visible in this pic.

Here's the vid of the finale with all the characters making their last appearance of the night:

Then it ended...and she CRIED! Like...really cried. She missed them. She wanted the show to go on... but I explained to her that she should be happy that she even GOT to see it, and that many kids don't get the chance to see fun shows like this. Later in the bathroom she told me how happy she was that we took that kid. 

Maybe next year or next time we go...we'll pick a show focused more on the Princesses ;-)


  1. Aww love this post! I literally remember going to those and getting the rainbow snowcone, haha. I can't wait to go to one if those shows. It's so sweet that she cried, she has such a gentle spirit about her and you two are the best parents keeping it a surprise! I think when it's my turn ill be more excited than Miles

    1. Thanks BAM...I was definitely more excited than her beforehand, haha! SO FUN


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