Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mamma Daughter Day - Seaport Village

I curled up into bed last night, with a strong desire to plan something fun for Kapri & I to do today. During the week I only have a few hours in the evenings to spend with her... so our weekends are important! James had to work...and we didn't have any planned events, no CfC orders to work on, and for once - no one was sick - YAY! To top it off... the weather called for sunny skies and a perfect 73 degrees.

My original thought was apple picking up in Julian...however after reading that it was the last weekend of the season - I was scared that we'd make the 90 min drive, only to find empty orchards. What a waste that would've been. And gas is still around $ I decided we'd stay closer to home.

Enter Google... "fun things to do with kids in san diego"

Seaport Village was a top 'to-do' on a few lists I read...and wow, I realized that though I was born & raised in SD...I have NEVER been to Seaport Village...I'm so sheltered in my little box of North County, haha!

So we got ready & headed out early (man I love this kid's age...she just reads books quietly in her room while I get ready - like for an HOUR...that's pretty freakin awesome). We found a great parking spot & started our mamma/daughter adventure.

1st up - the carousel. Just us and a handful of other people in glad we got there early. This thing is, hand-carved back in 1895, that's amazing! And I think we got the squeakiest set of horses, which made it all the more memorable!! It's only $2 a person and Kapri was a happy camper. Warms my heart. 

Next was the outside food court...she chose a corn dog and I got chicken rolled tacos - and a churro for us to share. While we ate, 2 young boys set up a guitar and keyboard, and started to sing for a small crowd. Kapri was itchin to dance. So she finished her food & I let her run up and boogie... my tiny dancer.

Then we walked along the boardwalk and admired the glistening water and boats. Then we came upon some street vendors, asking for 'donations' for their services or products. Our fav was the bird man... who had about 10 different types of beautiful birds. He came right up to as and put little orange birds on our shoulders - so cool!!

Another fav was the balloon man - Kapri was torn between the Ariel or the Cinderella balloon - she finally decided on Ariel! The guy was really funny...and so creative! How they take little balloons & twist & turn em like that is beyond me. That's a talent! (sadly K's balloon creation did not last the rest of the day... I think a small blade of grass popped her tail... so we gave her a proper goodbye into a trashcan before we left!)

Then we strolled through a few stores and got a lollypop and froyo to share. Banana flavored of course ;-)

As we started to walk back, I noticed a HUGGGGE kite flying in the distance. I pointed it out to Kapri and she cupped her hands around her mouth - pure amazement. I honestly have never seen a kite THAT was insane. So we plopped down on the grass right next to it and just watched it float gently in the breeze. It was the perfect day for kite flying - wish we had one!! 

As we sat there, quietly together... I stroked K's pretty curls & took a look around the sparkling blue bay... the soft green grass under my feet, the cloud-less sky, the Coronado bridge off in the distance - just me & my girl...quality time in this beautiful city. I looked down at her in my lap, she looked up at me - and I whispered: "this is the PERfect day Kapri...I loved you so much". To which she replied: "I love you too mamma, thank you for a fun day!"

The drive back home was calm and relaxed. No rush to get anywhere. So I put on the Jewel Lullaby CD (love) and she dozed off into a happy slumber. 

I told James all about our day and mutually decided we'd go again, all together in December for pictures with Santa and the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights, yay!!

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  1. You are such a special mommy thinking of creative and fun things to do with your little bug. I hope I'm as fun and thoughtful as you are as Miles grows older!


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