Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day 2012 Recap

So James & I didn't go to bed until close to 2am...and Kapri was definitely awake til at least 11pm... she was obviously SO excited. Then she woke up around 6:45, walked in our room, and said "I don't think Santa came, because I didn't see him!"

James then replied, "well how do you know?? Santa only comes when he knows you're really asleep...go peek & see if he left anything by the tree!"

She ran into the hall, peeked through the stair rails and came running back, yelling "I see presents, I see them!! Santa came!!" - seriously, so cute!

So we got up and dug through our gifts...K knew to find all that had her name written on it. James set up our video camera on the coffee table so it could capture us all enjoying the morning together & unwrapping our gifts. So smart! So I didn't get any pics sadly...but the video captures the excitement much better anyway!

Then we got ready & drove one street down to my mom's for brunch...yummy yummy! We spent the whole day hanging out and had a great time...thanks for hosting mamma!




bacon & prosecco - don't mind if I do!!


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