Monday, April 1, 2013

How does she do it all?!

The last month has literally escaped me...and I honestly cannot believe it's April 1st {shout out to my mamma: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!"}. I hate when weeks go by and I just DO NOT have the time to blog. I don't do it for anyone but myself, but I really enjoy documenting our cherished moments & activities in chronological order, because I frequently refer back to old blog posts when I need to remember something that my crazy mommy-brain has long forgotten.

So, I'm going to try to plug everything into one post after this one & finally get caught up!

I've noticed my last  few posts have been a few of my fav recipes, and documenting our family's life adventures has taken a back seat - which doesn't mean they're less important at all - we've just been SO flippin busy!! It's hard to keep up... between working at an office full time, completing CfC orders & preppin for the street fair (which is a short 26 days away...ahhhhh!),  trying to be a good mamma/wife, cooking dinners more often (and trying to be more healthy), and every other life event in-between... people often ask/tell me: "how do you do it all?? you make all of us look bad, I can't compete!" I really feel awful to hear that some people/moms may feel that way - but to be perfectly honest... I DON'T do it all.

I can't. 

 photo cantdoitall_zps3ea14606.jpg

There's just never enough time in the day... 

My dirty laundry piles up for 2-3 weeks before I force myself to wash it all. 

Then my clean laundry sits in wrinkled piles for another 1-2 weeks before I force myself to put it all away. 

We never make beds. Ever. (unless we have company)

My bathroom goes uncleaned for weeks at time...get's pretty gross with all my makeup and hair all over the place. I hate cleaning. I pretend the mess isn't there. And how the hell do I still have hair on my head, when so much of it is on the floor?!! 

Toys are scattered everywhere & are not typically not put away both downstairs & up in K's room (again, unless we have company). 

Dirty dishes frequently pile up & far over the kitchen sink...until my dear hubby tackles them all - love him for that... I hate doing dishes. 

Our back patio is truly a disgrace....literally, there is a 4' wide patch of our yard that has been overtaken by weeds that are now as tall as me (or taller) - and I'm 5'3"!! 

My car always seems to be filthy inside & out, and is extremely overdue for an oil change & 90K checkup. It's making weird noises recently - that cannot be good for my bank account.

My grey hairs are becoming more wide-spread & visible since I haven't been able to get it cut/colored since mid-November (holy moly - that's 20 weeks ago!!

My craft corner has never been messier.  

I want to spend quality time with old friends more, workout more, read more, sleep more than 6 hours a night - but again... not enough time

I (and many who know me) consider myself to be a pretty organized person - but the last couple months have felt anything BUT organized.... "chaotic" sums it all up much better - unfortunately. I procrastinate - a lot. I avoid cleaning at all costs. I don't save my money like I should. I let Kapri watch cartoons &/or movies so I can get things done (can't be THAT bad, can it?). I can never remember to floss my damn teeth...or take my vitamins. I can barely watch TV without having snacks beside me - ugh! I have a BAD nail biting habit...since 2nd grade! I have piles and piles of K's beautiful artwork shoved in paper bags, not properly well-kept (and feel guilty knowing James has thrown many away when he thinks I'm not looking). I don't wash our bedding once a week (or 2)  like we should. I drink way too much coffee...and wine... and indulge in way too much chocolate.

So to anyone that may come across this post - who thinks that I (or any other mom out there) have a cute little life that is in perfect order and somehow manages to "DO" it all - please... PLEASE, do not be fooled.

For now - I just have to take one day at a time, be thankful when I can check off my 'to-do's' and don't be too hard on myself for the 'couldn't-do's' - and just hope that I'm doing an okay job being a mamma, wife, and everything in-between.


  1. I just had to say, I love your blog.. like i literally cant wait.. to see what cool things you are going to post. lol (seems slightly stalkerish hahaa) I am similiar to you.. but over time.. the time issue isn't a biggy for me anymore.. i do what i can.. and stay positive that the rest will be done when it gets done.. I admire your honesty.. :)

    just take deep breaths.. and stay positive

    1. thank you Elisa, that's so sweet of you :-)

  2. You're an inspiration to any mom, wife, woman out there. You totally ROCK and I'm amazed by your commitment to your family and how great of a mom you are!!

    And just're not house only gets cleaned when I have company too ;) Let me know if I can do anything to help. XO

    1. aww thanks girl! glad to know I'm not the only one with a dirty house most the time! haha


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