Thursday, April 4, 2013

March Madness {a recap}

It really was "March Madness" in & around the Mejia home, which left me with ZERO time to blog practically all month... blogging really does take time, but I enjoy it & love to capture all our memories in one place!

In addition to Kapri's weekly ballet classes (can't wait for the recital!!), here's a recap of the happenings in our lives during the last 5 weeks:

K's 3rd Dentist visit
She's doing much better now that she's been here 2 other times...still gets a little anxious when the first lay her down, but as long as I am there beside her, holding her little hand - she's all good. Doc says teeth are perfect (with the exception of the 1 she's missing) that's good news! I love that they have TV's in the ceilings and headphones, so the kids can just 'zone out' while getting their teeth checked out. My dentist has something like that too now (score for me!), except it's Netflix streaming in a pair of GLASSES!! Crazy how technology has advanced.
 photo Dentist_zps8d107c40.jpg

K's first train ride!
James, Kapri & I spent an afternoon together the last weekend in February down at Seaport Village. K & I had a mommy-daughter date there once before, which she remembers clearly... but this time we decided to take her down on the Coaster... she loved it! The whole ride down she kept waving & saying 'hi' to all the people OUTside of the train, too funny!

 photo TrainCollage_zps3a75334e.jpg

Two 'suspect' moles & stitches
Between Jan/Feb, my dermatologist removed/dug out 2 suspicious looking moles...first 'surgery' was to get one from the upper-most part of my inner thigh (OUCH)...with stitches in for 2 weeks. After that time was up, I went back in for stitch removal and to get the 2nd one removed from the middle of my back...and of course, another set of stitches. It all was brutal and so painful. The scar on my leg is about an inch, and the one on my back is more like 2.5" - so gross, but better safe than sorry.

Since then, I've canceled my tanning membership, which has been on hold for a year anyway, haha...but I only spray tan or use tanner at home now. Too scary to continue to fake'n'bake when you are a bit older, are a mamma, and realize how precious life is.

{{no pics, thank goodness - no one want's to see stitches & scars!}}

Baby Maddie's Baptism
After attending my first baptism for her older brother, Jack back in 2011 - it was baby Maddie's turn, who arrived into this world on Jan. 21st! I was asked to take pictures with the godmother's insanely profesh and by far THE heaviest camera ever, so that was fun!...though I didn't get many pics on my phone to document the occasion. She did wonderfully and slept most of the glad we could be part of her special day!

 photo Maddie1Collage_zpsd14d63a5.jpg

I realized I didn't post about her arrival back in are some cute pics of little Maddie when I visited her in the hospital...rockin her new Custom from Calista headbands!
 photo Maddie2Collage_zps6df5ba65.jpg

And how presh is this... a side by side pic of when I visited each baby in the hospital - like brother, like sister huh?!
 photo Maddie6_zps88efdc9e.jpg

Baby Hadley's 1st Birthday!
We love birthdays...and Miss Hadley's 1st party was so adorable and all the kids had so much fun...I mean, how could you not with a jumpy in your backyard all day?? Hadley's outfit was the cutest thing I've ever seen... a full lace romper - I kinda want one for myself, LOL!

 photo HadleyCollage_zpsa7b40015.jpg

I especially loved the streamer/balloon/tissue pom poms hanging was so pretty!
 photo Hadley4_zps7309448f.jpg

I made Miss H her own embroidered Crayoll and 2 hair clips:

 photo Hadley9_zps7ff63f30.jpg

 photo hadley10_zps8339427b.jpg

Our 15-Year Dating Anniversary - which I did actually find time to post about ;-)

St. Paddy's Day
Just hangin with friends, bbq'ing and letting the kids play on a huge greenbelt - love these afternoons!
 photo 579887_10200521999230424_2130881884_n_zpsb67d8223.jpg

Easter was split int two days - one day going to "EGGstravaganza" in Carlsbad - which was INSANELY busy & way too packed to be fun...(at least she got a pic with the Easter bunny, who she was "jumping" for joy to see!) we went back to a friends house, had a pot luck and did a mini-egg hunt for the kiddos.
 photo null_zpsc8408098.jpg

 photo Easter1Collage_zps6948f01f.jpg

Then on Easter morning, we had my mother-in-law & her hubby over for a little brunch. I stuck with my go-to casserole that is just so easy to make & super can't be passed up!

 photo null_zps855a8c10.jpg

Then we took a few pics outside - so blessed to have such incredible weather!

 photo Easter2Collage_zpsc0196df6.jpg

 photo 56d94540-d60d-45d8-bdb0-eaca1a2d5271_zpsaa98296f.jpg

For Easter dinner... banana pancakes - why not?!

 photo null_zpsab205c8a.jpg

Whew...I'm exhausted just reliving all of that!!


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