Wednesday, March 6, 2013

15 years...

I was chatting with my friends during my lunch high school - yes, high school....when I was suddenly sidetracked.

Now, I can barely remember much from that long ago - especially since digital cameras weren't popular yet, and 'camera phones' were definitely not yet in the hands of us teens!! Photos help preserve memories - my brain however, cannot. That's a huge reason why I blog and now take tons of pictures to document our lives & memories.

Back to my story... one that I definitely remember well - I was sidetracked. Pretty much twitterpated with one look (look it up) ;-)

 photo fcb98103-300f-4381-b718-261839dbe6b4_zps4481306d.jpg

It was a boy. A super CUTE boy.

Jimmy was his name.

Total jaw dropping moment, which my friend's BF witnessed. I mumbled, "who. is. THAT?!" which the friend's BF replied "who, him... Jimmy Mejia?" --- sure, yes - "introduce us!"

That weekend we had our first date... I remember how giddy I was beforehand, telling my mom how cute he was. Literally from that moment on I was hooked.

...3 years later - we moved in together...still so puppy love. Jimmy now goes by James.

...5 years after that - engaged (finally!!)

...1 year after that - married

...1 year after that (exactly) - pregnant

...9 months after that - our sweet Kapri was born & flipped our lives in the best way possible.

And now... 15 years later - we still celebrate our first date....and I love him more than ever!

We used to go to the same local restaurant were we had that first date... but sadly, it's gone wayyy downhill. So this year we changed it up & celebrated alone {left kiddo with GramMo} at a restaurant called Seasons 52 (check out my full review on Yelp). They sat us along with complimentary champagne & a Happy Anniversary card, handwritten by the staff - so sweet!

 photo 15yrAnnivCollage1_zps5210f6ff.jpg
love how he addressed my card! he wrote me THE sweetest poem...I cried - love him!
This place is awesome!! Every dish is 475 calories or less...and the menu changes each 'season'... with new specials each 'week' (52 weeks/year) - hence their clever name!

 photo 15yrAnnivCollage2_zps371025c8.jpg

For dessert, they had itty bitty"mini-indulgences" - which were perfect...Red velvet for me please!!
 photo 15yrAnnivCollage3_zpsf0a5ede4.jpg

Happy 15 my love...cheers to another 15 & another 15 & more! xoxoxoxxx


  1. So cute! I remember when you first started dating ;-) I didn't know you, but Jimmy had been my buddy since elementary school. I am so happy to have BOTH of you in my life! Love you both individually and together as an amazing couple xo Congrats to you both on your awesome love, friendship and family!! <3 Christina

  2. I remember that EXACT day, too. At LCC, where it all began. I admire the passion and appreciation you two have for one another...true love at its best! Congrats, Calista and James!!!

    1. hahaha do you?! So crazy to actually sit back & think about how long ago that really was... thanks girl!


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