Thursday, May 16, 2013

K's PreParty Pics ~ Tulle *Tutu* Dress

Kapri's 4th birthday party is fast approaching..which is a "Princess & Pirate" theme (cannot wait!). Together, we had searched all day a few weeks ago for a fluffy, pink 'princess-y' dress.

No luck.

I later showed her a few pictures of 'tutu' tulle dresses that I had pinned on her bday Pinterest board...and she liked them! YAY - I can do this.

To determine the length, I measured from her armpit down to her ankles, doubled that length & added 1" (to allow for the knot along the elastic top - this gave me the measurement to cut each strand of tulle. Example:

  • Armpits to ankles = 28"
  • Doubled = 56"
  • Plus 1" for knot = 57" pieces of tulle

Then off I went to gather about 5 rolls of bright pink tulle (Walmart = $2.99/roll... 6" x 25yards). I had some inch wide elastic & measured around her chest (just under armpits), minus 3 inches to make sure it was 'snug' & didn't slip down...then sewed the ends together.

When making tutus, I like to use a new, thick roll of paper towels, so I just followed the same process (search YouTube for a ton of how-to vids)... took me a few hours but it was definitely worth it! With about 1/2 left, I put it on her to make sure it fit around the chest okay...she cried when I had to take it off - so that was a good sign!

Finally I added a coordinating satin ribbon that I had on hand, embellished it with some sparklies, & tied it around, just under her chest...but not quite to her it gave it an 'empire' look. Then I added a more sheer ribbon in front, to tie around her neck for added support.

And of course every birthday princess needs her own crown & wand...felt, hot glue, tulle ribbon, a wooden dowel, a headband and some more sparkly jewels - done & done!

I cannot believe how easy this was to make & how great it turned out...she loves it. I love! She'll be the 'belle of the ball' for sure in this perfectly pink poofy princess tulle dress!

{I had actually made a few star wands for the street fair & didn't sell them all...which was totally fine, since I realized I could use them to give out to the other 'princesses' at her party! On her wand, I just added a matching jewel to her crown to make it a tad more special}

After everything was finished, my youngest sister & I took K to a local trail/lagoon area that we've walked through a few times in the past. I knew it was the perfect spot to take pictures of Kapri frolicking around in her new, bright, fluffy dress! I cannot believe how many pics I took (with my iPhone 5!!) and how many came out really was the perfect setting that I envisioned in my head! Pics edited with "SnapSeed" app.

Picture overload below...These are a 'few' of my favs!!
 photo WhiteUmbrella2logo_zps23d36aa5.jpg

 photo WhiteUmbrella1logo_zps0848f632.jpg

 photo FieldCollage4logo_zpsff94a825.jpg

 photo FieldCollage3logo_zps3781ca04.jpg

 photo FieldCollage2logo_zps21a84d8e.jpg

 photo FieldCollage1logo_zps09c3c33f.jpg

 photo FieldFace1logo_zps8bebaa80.jpg
 photo FieldFace5logo_zps212786a0.jpg

 photo FieldWalking5logo_zps8d184cb7.jpg

 photo FieldWalking3logo_zps039c3520.jpg

 photo FieldFace4logo_zpsd1165afc.jpg

 photo FieldWalking2logo_zpse3a841c8.jpg

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  1. You are seriously super mom!

    1. hahaha stop! I do what I can, and it's fun...but it's not everything ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Wow! you are amazing! I love this so much. I have never seen these before and now my daughter caught me
      I guess I am going to have to figure out how to make one then. I am supposed to make it look exactly like the one you made, wand crown and all! lol
      I will keep you posted as to how it turns out.
      So glad I found your blog :)

    2. haha Heather - too funny! It's definitely not difficult, so give it a try! Let me know how it turns out :-)

  3. This dress is amazing! Did you just leave it as 6 inch wide by 57" long then?

    1. Hi Siok! Yep, I just unrolled strips of the spool to be 57" long, and left them at the 6" width ;-)


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