Monday, May 6, 2013

Twinkle Toes - K's 1st Ballet Recital

After 16 weeks of Sunday morning ballet classes, Kapri finally had her very first ballet recital! The outfit chosen by Miss Sarah for all the little girls to wear was just adorable...K love it!

Invite I made in PicMonkey & emailed to our family:

 photo 944965_10200779404265389_372624736_n_zpsddc87d58.jpg

We took a few pics of her that morning as we were leaving... of course she wanted to stand by the first rose of the season....

IN the dirt....

IN her nice new ballet outfit & white shoes.


She's such a little poser sometimes!

 photo BalletCollage1_zpsdbf03d69.jpg

The picture she's holding is something I saw on Pinterest awhile back and we made a few months ago... the tutu portion is her hands in pink paint, and the leotard part is a pink patterned piece of scrapbook paper. Then I hot-glued on some ruffle ribbon in the middle, and some loose pears to act as a 'faux' necklace. The little piece next to the pearls is actually where some pink paint dripped, so I cut out 2 little hearts, folded them down the middle and put it on like a 3-D heart to cover up the paint spill.

It really is adorable... I should get a little shadow box for it & hang it on her wall :-)

Then we arrived & took our seats...we had both grandmas, a grandpa, & an auntie in attendance with us - so I think K was a little shy & put-off by all the extra attention on her...but she did really well, and is improving with her slight case of 'stage fright' that she's had for the past year & a half or so. But she's really blossoming...little by little!

 photo 395737_10200779405305415_531309989_n_zps3d820677.jpg

 photo 302933_10200779405625423_1008751252_n_zpsde2c72a4.jpg

 photo 942894_10200779405185412_1733064582_n_zpsb03539a3.jpg

Afterwards we took more pics, she got a ton of flowers...

 photo BalletflowersCollage_zps4c5bf1c9.jpg

Love our little ballerina!

 photo 390679_10200779407865479_2105778685_n_zps33eb08a2.jpg

....then headed off to lunch to celebrate her job-well done...and since it was also Cinco de Mayo, we ate at a little Mexican food place: "Garcias" - $14.99 buffet brunch WITH unlimited champagne/mimosas...amazing deal!

 photo BalletlunchCollage_zps2c653420.jpg

Now time to sign her up for swim lessons, per the princess' request! haha


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