Thursday, June 20, 2013

PreK Ceremony 2013 {Teacher Gifts & Potluck}

Another 'school' year has flown by... and Kapri was so excited for this year's preschool graduation performance. Last year year she was SO shy, didn't sing, dance...barely moved basically.

Happy to report that this year she was clearly much more comfortable & did a stupendous job in her part of the "Peter Rabbit" performance. She was a raddish, haha! All the 4/5 year old kids that are heading off to kindergarten have a lead role, while all the younger kids have side parts. I can't believe next year she will be up in front...hopefully coming out of her shy-bubble even more!

For teacher gifts I found an idea on Pinterest for little tumblers with a Jamba Juice gift card inside, and a note on the outside that read "Thanks for sparking my creative juices this year!". I thought it was adorable & so perfect! So I made my own version of the note card on PicMonkey, secured by some twine around the tumblers....just love how they turned out!

 photo IMG_6585_zpsa1c1e947.jpg

 photo TeachGifts-Juice-Collage_zps35b38ef0.jpg

Gotta put my own twist on things, but you're welcome to save this image to your computer & use it as well ;-)

 photo ThankYoublankname-TeacherGift2013_zps1381b670.jpg

For the Potluck, I decided to finally try out the mini spinach-artichoke bread bowls that I first pinned almost 2 years
 photo SpinArtDipMuffins2Collage_zps75c8d9e7.jpg
How adorable are they??
 photo IMG_6630_zps30caa777.jpg

And they were DEEEEElish! Definitely making these again soon.

I just love her little school, prepping her for a successful future at "big kid school" as Kapri calls it! I can't believe next year she'll be in the lead group of the graduation performance, ahhh!

 photo GradDay2013Collage_zps7b408ac2.jpg


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