Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fair Days {2013}

Picture-only post simply for documenting purposes!

Fiesta del Sol (6/2/2013)

 photo FiestadelSol2013Collage1_zpsed2af989.jpg

 photo FiestadelSol2013Collage2_zpsc27acd0b.jpg

 photo FiestadelSol2013Collage3_zps04e46e6b.jpg

Del Mar Fair (6/22/2013)

 photo DelMarFair2013Collage4_zps501f39d6.jpg

 photo DelMarFair2013Collage2_zpsd7d1133f.jpg

 photo DelMarFair2013Collage1_zps14450847.jpg

 photo DelMarFair2013Collage3_zpsc0d5faf5.jpg

 photo DelMarFair2013Collage5_zps98cf3ae1.jpg


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