Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Birthdays RoundUp

May & June have become increasingly busy for us...mostly FILLED to the brim with birthdays for some wonderful people! We just love celebrating with each one of them each year, making more memories and deeper friendships that I truly cherish.

Kim's Bday (BFF since high school!) - went downtown with my sis, at this place I'd never been to, called Cafe 21, which blew us away with some incredible (organic/locally grown) food and some BOMB Strawberry Basil Sangria!
 photo Collage-KimsBday2013_zpse969a938.jpg

KayLee's Bday (youngest sister) - our family fav...Fidel's. You just can't go wrong! Can't believe my littlest sis is TWENTY!!!
 photo Collage-KayLeesBday2013_zps59395d5c.jpg

Mary's Bday (mother-in-law) - her fav...Buca di Beppo!
 photo Collage-MarysBday2013_zpsbcd14f51.jpg

Amanda's Bday (sis-in-law) - no official party, as she's living in LA now...but we combined her bday & Father's day...though she still get's my shout out on my blog!
 photo AmandaBdayFBCollage2013_zpsa5fe3d8b.jpg

Christina's Bday (friend) - another new place to me: Ignite Bistro.... they have THE most AMAZING side app, called "Man Candy"....which is basically this tin can full of 'sweet & spicy' bacon...seriously?! yummm
 photo Collage-ChristinasBday2013_zpsd3a6164b.jpg

Megan's Bday (friend) - celebrated with all the fams/kids just outside her home on the best green belt in the area...can't go wrong with a mini jumpy, pinata, and a slip 'n slide!!
 photo Collage-MegansBday2013_zps53ce7157.jpg


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