Monday, July 1, 2013

Just huggin a Panda...

Zoo day, brought to us by some free tickets that we just couldn't pass up! Anyone's bank account can take quite a hit just for admission into the San Diego when free tickets come around, you clear your calendar & make sure you can go before they expire! Kapri also received a year-long kids admission card from Grammy Mary, so it's nice that she's free to both the Zoo & the Wild Animal Park (now Safari Park) until next May!
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This time we got up bright & early, and arrived about 20 minutes after the park opened at 9am. Parking was a breeze and there was hardly anyone there yet, perfect! It was also super cool & overcast since the day's expected heat had not yet come in full force. Luckily, we found a trail that is usually difficult for us to find (the Tiger trail), not sure why...I think it's just really easy to miss when all the twists & turns in the 'jungle-y' part look the freakin same!

 photo peacock_zps97f9c33e.jpg

 photo IMG_6942_zps584b5040.jpg

 photo IMG_6989_zps3bc302a3.jpg

 photo IMG_6990_zpsf31884ba.jpg

 photo IMG_6991_zpsd9dc9aa7.jpg

We ended up at the Panda exhibit, where they immediately placed us in front of a green screen & instructed us on how to hold our arms/hands....the resulting pic was just too cute not to buy!

 photo IMG_6897_zps594e1a9e.jpg

Then we decided to walk back to the front of the park & get in line for the double-decker bus, to take a tour around the entire zoo... which was a first for me, I don't ever remember going on it! Kapri was clearly excited too...

 photo IMG_6915_zps0aca22fb.jpg

after we walked a bit it was nice to sit & relax, all while taking in the scenery & animals. Upon our return from that, the line had doubled!! So, it definitely pays to get outta your cozy warm bed a little earlier if you have a zoo day planned! Early bird....worm....yadda yadda  ;-)

And this was the cutest thing...little baby ducklings following their mamma...Kapri was so intrigued

 photo IMG_6908_zps3e1c6c4c.jpg

 photo IMG_6977_zpsa933b0f6.jpg

Thanks for the passes Nic, love ya girl!!!

 photo 1044580_10201123104057669_1762438771_n_zps135ef566.jpg


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