Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

Happy 237th Birthday America!!!

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This year Kapri has been singing this song for the past few days....and it's just the cutest:

She's also been SUPER obsessed with American flags this year....after learning about them in school, she'll spot them everywhere around town!

 photo IMG_7011_zps023bc56d.jpg

The day was pretty chill & relaxing...went to the pool for a bit, then home to make sure K took a decent nap - since I knew she'd be up til 10ish with fireworks later. It was actually really nice since we didn't have to hustle & bustle for a super busy day.

We are honestly SO lucky to have found this insanely great fireworks spot, thanks to our friends, The Weller's.... this was our 2nd year going and it will definitely NOT be our's just perfect!!! Last year we were blown away....hopefully next year we can get a large group of families & kids to come with us to enjoy the fun!

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