Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cheers to 6 Years!

They say: "time flies when you're havin fun" - that is definitely true, because it feels like I only blinked, since I married my high school sweetheart 6 years ago!!

 photo IMG_7798_zpsca3f455e.jpg

So we did our annual Anni picnic night at Cuvier Park in La Jolla, the same place we married. This is becoming a tradition now, just a good way to spend time together as a family,

Celebrating life's ups & downs.

Celebrating growing.

Celebrating living.

Celebrating unconditional love.

 photo 6yrAnniPicnicCollage1_zpsd339c89f.jpg

 photo 6yrAnniPicnicCollage2_zps4c563a43.jpg

I had realized that we never re-did our 'sand ceremony' vase...after it accidentally broke the night of our wedding, lame! So I found the cutest little heart-shaped cork-top bottle at Michael's and James filled it up with a little sand from our ceremony location! (A few days later we were gifted an awesome new vase from his mom, to re-do with colored sands as well, like we did at our wedding!)

 photo 6yrAnniPicnicCollage3_zpsbd2dbb2d.jpg

It's so cute!


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