Monday, August 26, 2013

Anniversary Getaway {Mission Inn}

Riverside - never thought I'd go there for a weekend getaway....but when I was researching potential 'romantic' places to go, on a budget...I stumbled upon this place on the internet and was blown away. I literally could not stop thinking about it for a full weekend.

So we booked a room at the stunning Mission Inn Hotel & Spa.

The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa - Riverside, CA.

And were NOT disappointed!

I had coordinated with the hotel concierge via email in the weeks leading up to our stay. I asked for their tea-light candle service and sent her a cute little banner I made to have them hang up in our room prior to came out perfectly!

After a quick change to our bathing suits & pour of Prosecco and a "CHEERS" to us...we went exploring the hotel before spending the rest of the afternoon at the pool. The grounds of this hotel were simply amazing. Breath-taking. I've honestly never stayed somewhere with so much richness & history...the architecture was beautiful and every inch was covered in such intricacy & detail....I fell in love!

Being the 'tourist' that I was for the weekend, of course I took a TON of pics...all James wanted to do was escape the heat & dip himself in the pool...but I wasn't leaving until I had my fair share of pics to remember this place!

**Check out the my PhotoBucket Slideshow:

At the pool, we quickly realized we were total late-comers...seeing as EVERY chair was taken by this point. So we stashed our stuff under a side table & got in the pool. Luckily we made a few friends with some other couples that were staying there, so we had a GREAT rest of the afternoon enjoying everyone's company...complete with lots of laughs, and pool-side waiters making sure the drinks kept flowing ;-)

We then headed back to our room to shower & freshen up for dinner...we had reservations at one of the on-site restaurants: "Las Campanas", which was on an adorable little outside patio with dim, romantic lighting and some seriously delicious Mexican food. We were sooo pleasantly full and quite exhausted from a full day in the sun & drinking...that we went back up to our room to take a nap...that nap turned into 2 hours later... and I jumped up & pleaded with James to do the same so we didn't waste the rest of the night!

I was hoping to see the rest of the hotel all lit up at night, and check out the "Presidential Lounge" downstairs which "pays homage to the 10 U.S. Presidents who have passed through its doors".

He finally him!

After the most enjoyable stroll through the grounds, with the warm evening summer air, getting lost in the glory of this hotel...and finding a few spooky nooks & crannies of this place...we finally wound up at the Lounge....where we also stumbled upon our friends from the pool! After some more laughs & drinks....bed called out name! Once back at our room, we filled in the "Breakfast Room Service" card and place it outside on our door handle.... a few hours later, at 8:30am, a knock at the door....mmmmmm breakfast in bed - so wonderful.

Then we hustled & bustled to pack up, check out, leave our bags with the bellman, then go exploring so more, and finally kick our feet up for a good few hours by the pool. Perfection! I was sad to leave.... one-night stays just fly by way too fast, but so grateful that we were allowed this time together, to re-connect and celebrate our love for each other after 6 years of marriage!

Love you babe!!


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