Saturday, August 31, 2013

Endless Summer Fun {Part 2}

**August Fun 2013**

Family Beach Day at Ponto:
 photo AugustFunCollage1_zpsd8dbc19d.jpg

Kapri's school buddy, Jordan's birthday party:
 photo AugustFunCollage2_zps54650585.jpg

Girls Weekend in Santa Monica:
 photo AugustFunCollage3_zps71da6cea.jpg

Pool Day, Girls Happy Hour, and Day at the Del Mar Races:
 photo AugustFunCollage4_zps64962133.jpg

Officially in the 'big kid group' at year left until this munchkin is a big Kindergartner!!
 photo AugustFunCollage5_zps5874ea4d.jpg


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