Sunday, December 22, 2013

Annual Holiday Light Walk

Time for the annual walk to see holiday lights!! This time however, a bunch more friends & I decided to try a new place to view the lights, called "Fairway Village"...UNfortunately, the advertisement we all saw online, posted the wrong date for this big neighborhood block party....soooo, we missed that by a day and there really wasn't much to see at all sadly.

But the kids didn't seem to mind...with all the hot chocolate they had in their bellies:

 photo XmasLIghtsCollage1_zps77edddff.jpg

After the quick walk around the first place...a few of us decided to extended the evening and go check out our normal place, Christmas Card Lane - we've gone here since Kapri was a little baby, 4 years ago. It really is awesome...the kids just LOVE all the character boards set up along people yards. And K is starting to remember certain ones too...god her memory is beyond me sometimes.

We got home about 2 hours PAST her bedtime....but in the end, it was all worth it to make her smile and carry on our special tradition!

 photo XmasLIghtsCollage2_zpsea06f410.jpg


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