Saturday, December 21, 2013

Playdate: Nutcracker Ballet

Another first for us.... the Nutcracker Ballet - it's honestly amazing the amount of things I have never done or been to before....until having Kapri!  We went with K's best friend from school, Chloe & her mamma these two! When we met up with them the girls exchanged gifts - and great minds obviously think alike because they each got each other different style bracelets!

We stopped for a quick bite to eat before going to the Carlsbad Cultural Arts Center - which we've actually been to once before to see Seussical the Musical (so fun!). We made it there just in time and the girls were in awe the entire performance. I can only imagine what they must've been thinking - it all must seem so magical in the eyes of a 4 year old girl...especially ones that have done ballet themselves and in a way, hold a ballerina high on a pedestal with their beauty & grace.

 photo NutcrackerBalletCollage1_zps1e29a811.jpg

Towards the end of the show, the girls just could not sit we got out of our seats and took them over to the stairs along the side of the auditorium. There they could watch & mimic the moves they saw on stage, without us worrying if they were blocking someone's view from behind us!

It was so adorable - just to see their eyes - focused intently on all those little dancers. Maybe next year we'll take them to see the Nutcracker again, but on a bigger, more elaborate stage... at the San Diego Civic Theater!

 photo NutcrackerBalletCollage2_zps52651404.jpg


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