Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hey Buddy - great to have you back!

On my birthday, our yearly tradition is to get the house decorated for Christmas...since Dec. is the next day. I just love decorating!

We also do it that day, so that our Elf on the Shelf, Buddy...has his special place to land when he flies in from the North Pole that evening - the top of our Christmas Tree...snuggled up by the warm light of the star.

I should note:  Buddy underwent a quick...very mild surgery this year as well - he now is the proud owner of BENDABLE LIMBS!!

 photo IMG_0702_zps1c8c1b97.jpg

It was pretty easy really....just found a little how-to online, and I had all the supplies on hand. It took me probably 45 min to do all 4 limbs from start to finish. SO excited to be able to place him in funny positions/places and have him holding onto things himself, instead of TAPE everywhere!

Welcome back to your home away from home Buddy!


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