Friday, November 28, 2008

I Love Turkey! Gobble gobble!!

Thanksgiving is upon us once again...thank goodness!
The food James & I (and baby!) indulged in yesterday was amazing and we slept very well because of it!! We are thankful for soooo many things this year. First, we have each other (& our pup, Mika!) - which we are grateful for everyday! Second, we've been blessed with a very quick & so far easy pregnancy. Third, we are grateful for all our wonderful friends & loving families. Forth, we FINALLY found a place to move out in Encinitas - which is extremely close to my mom, his mom & his grandparents. We are planning on moving on Dec. 13th - which doesn't give us much time to find someone to rent our current place. So we're keeping our fingers crossed for that to happen soon!

To start the day, we first met up at James' dad's work to say hi. This is when my hunger grew worse, as they had a turkey cookin and it smelt SO GOOD! Then they got a call for a house fire (I assumed a 'turkey' fire!), so we all left. From there, me, James, Steve & Amanda all headed to our 'home-to-be' just so they all could take a peak at where it was located...I'm so excited I wish we were moving in now! Then we went to my mom's house to say hi...then to his grandparents house to EAT & visit with all of his family. After wonderful food & a little relaxation after, James & I went back to my mom's to top it all off with some Banana Cream FAV!!!

Tonight we're actually going to my mom's again for a Thanksgiving at her house with my family. So that will be fun...Thanksgiving never ends! Baby is getting a ton of good food this holiday weekend :) Speaking of baby, I never wrote earlier this week or last -- it's been crazy around here. So here are the last 2 baby bump photos for you to enjoy. Last night's picture was me+baby+full of turkey dinner!

Baby Bump - Week 14
Baby Bump - Week 13


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