Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas, Snow, a month of 'bumps' and a brand New Year!

So, the past month since I have blogged has been an eventful one. We were able to move back to where we both grew up in the beautiful city of Encinitas - and are now much closer to our families. The area is wonderful, our neighbors are so friendly and Mika loves the extra space to play in & around our new home.

My sister's, Mika & I took a day trip up to Mount Laguna to play in the snow, then through to Julian to indulge in some famous Julian Apple Pie and finally down through Santa Ysabel for some delicious rosemary bread at Dudley's Bakery. This bump was around my 16th week:
My sister & I both work for the same company...who had our holiday party at the Marriott in La Jolla. Luckily I was able to fit into a little black dress that I had wore that was nice & made me feel pretty! That was around my 17th week of pregnancy:
We celebrated a wonderful Christmas both with James' family & mine. This will be our last with just ourselves & year we'll have a little 7-month old in our presence! This was around the 18th week:
We also just celebrated a New Year - and we think 2009 will have a LOT in store for us! We spent the evening having a dinner party with our close friends at Niki & Nate's house. This is my 19 week bump:


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