Saturday, January 3, 2009

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course 90% of our friends and family thought for SURE that we were going to have a boy...but after our ultrasound yesterday - they could not find any 'evidence' that there were any boy 'parts' on our little one!! She was moving around a LOT, so it was hard to get things pointed out to us. The technician that preformed our ultrasound couldn't give us a 100% guarantee that it was a girl - nor will we have another ultrasound done at Scripps (unless that are any problems). We are going to research other places to have a 3-D ultrasound done...hopefully sooner than later and before we start picking out names & decorating!! That way we'll have a 2nd look, better results, and more amazing photos/videos. So, a 3-D definitely sounds like the way to go! Once we get that done, then we'll know for sure. We did buy a baby name book just to get started...but it's going to be tough going through 60,000 names, hahaha!! Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure!
Baby's Spine:
Baby's Profile:


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