Friday, July 27, 2012

What to Wear - Teal 'n Taupe

Don't you just LOVE when you find pieces of an outfit that you *hope* will look as good ON as it does in your head?

I found this pretty teal (pic doesn't do justice), 'Cynthia Rowley' long sleeve dress at Marshalls a few weeks ago for $25!! Serious score. I tried to find out what it retailed for online but could not find that same dress for the life of me (and I consider myself to be a pretty damn good 'Googler'). Aw well. It honestly didn't look like much on the hanger, but I liked the color, and thought the sleeves would be nice while on a boat for the evening. Much to my surprise, the sleeves had slits in them (love) and it fit beautifully!

I knew that taupe-ish/nude colored heals would go I started from there & worked my way up to the top for accessories. I found a FAB pair of slingbacks on eBay (of all places) for $35, with this fun fabric flower detail along the outside ankle/strap. So I ordered them & hoped for the best. 

Also on eBay, I found this peachy bib/waterfall style necklace for $15... check!

Then at Forever 21, I found these pretty earrings & ring ($5 each)... check, check!!

All together, I hope think it'll look FAB for this wedding we're going to up in Newport Beach on Sunday...yay!!
cell phone pics just don't cut it sometimes - especially when trying to capture true color... but I swear they all compliment each other perfectly in person!

On another "OMG WHAT A DEAL" note...during the same shopping trip as the above teal dress - I also found this insanely gorgeous, delicate coral dress that I fell head over heals for. It's made by "Romeo & Juliet Couture - Gossip Girl Collection", which I was actually able to find online....retailing for $160 - and I got it for only $30!!! That's seriously an INsane deal my friends:

Here's the link to it online if you want to buy there ;-)

It was a random buy... thought I would mayyyybe wear it for Opening Day... but since I didn't, it now hangs in my closet, desperate for a fun night out, haha! I'm thinking our Palm Desert trip mid-August...with a great tan this'll look amazeballs!


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