Friday, December 21, 2012

2nd Annual - Preschool Holiday Party

This year's holiday party at K's school was a bit different than last year...because K actually SANG - a little, haha!

found her adorable cream/black lace dress at a local upscale resale shop for only $8.99!!
They have 3 performances a year... one at Thanksgiving breakfast, one at the Holiday party and one at the Graduation ceremony. Last 'school year' - she was still new, so I think she wasn't very comfortable with all the singing in front of allllll the parents.

So when this year started, and we attended the Thanksgiving b'fast, I thought for sure she'd belt out the tunes with the rest of the kids - she always watched the video on my phone from last year, she knew & sang all the songs brilliantly at home...

Preschool Thanksgiving Breakfast - 2012

Butttt, a little 'stage freight' got the best of her...bad! She suddenly didn't want to sing, didn't want to leave our side. When we managed to get her to stand up with the other kids... she was so sad. She didn't sing. Didn't dance. Didn't move a muscle... except to hold her hands nervously in her mouth the entire time. Poor little thing. We were sad that she didn't sing, she's so outgoing normally - so it was odd to us. She knew we were a little disappointed...

So for the 2nd performance of the year, we made sure to tell her that we'd be SO happy if she sang & danced... but if she didn't feel comfortable and didn't want to - than it was okay, and we love her no matter what!


To our surprise... she SANG! Oh I was so happy to see her join in with the rest...Jingle Bells is just such a fun song to sing, among the can you not have fun?! This video was only a small moment of their 10-15 performance:

And of course after came Santa, the highlight of the night for all the kids :-)


Can't wait til the next school performance!! Happy Holidays!


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