Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Card Lane - 2012

Another fun year doing our annual walk-through Christmas Card Lane with my sis and her BF Andrew... I was reading last year's post & remembered how James couldn't come with us! So it was nice to go all together again...and on a night that wasn't busy at all! Too many people is just so chaotic and harder to keep track of my little mini-me!


Each year gets more fun with K... I found this year she looooved to go up to all the displays and beg me to take a picture of her with them! She told me "this is the best princess day!" because of all the cool Princess displays. So cute... And she can walk all 3 streets without having someone hold her or be pushed in a stroller... crazy how fast time flies.


This year we saw 3 train tracks/mini villages...either we missed the 3rd one in past years, or it was new. But all so detailed and adorable.

We also sampled some of the baked goodies from a local family selling all sorts of yum on their driveway for cheap... which was a perfect compliment to our Starbucks hot chocolate.


This year we also encountered actual carolers... like, pretty sure they were hired by the family whose lawn they sang on....while they gave out free hot cider and mini candy canes. I really need to make friends with one of these fams, so we can just come over, stroll the streets, then go sit on their driveway drinking something warm by the firepit...people watching & telling stories through the evening. One day. haha!


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