Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Annual Ortho Update

Kapri had her annual appointment to see her Orthopedic doc yesterday... of course the day that Children's Hospital is like a mad house...some event was going on and OMG was it crazy. People, police, news broadcasters - everywhere! At least she got to sit on ol McDonald's lap while we patiently waited:

For some reason or another, for a tiny little checkup with x-rays...we were shuffled into FOUR different waiting rooms, until finally reaching the room where we saw the doc and she went over K's stats. The difference in the length in her legs is about 1cm....anything over 2cm is cause for worry.

So we have to take her in once a year just to keep track on the measurement of difference. Then when she's a teen and almost done growing...we'll see what the next step is. Either everything will be fine, or if the difference is 2cm or more, then they'd have to stunt the growth in the longer leg. Eh, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

I'm just happy to report that she's doing great!! Even with that crazy foot scare when she was still in utero and the whole hip dysplasia / harness annoyance....glad that all is just a distant memory!


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