Monday, February 11, 2013

Fishy Preschool Valentine Cards

This year I decided to toss the usual go-to idea of a sugar-y treat along with K's valentine cards... and with all the creativity on Pinterest, I knew I could whip something up! There are SOOO many adorable alternatives to candy...just do a simple search & you'll find ideas like these:

 photo Non-CandyValentineIdeas_zps2a70d728.jpg

Or check out this list of 40 'non-candy' Valentine ideas from Jolly Mom!

When I saw this: "You o'FISH'ally have my heart!Valentine pin ...I knew I could recreate it to my own style preference - using my FAV photo editing site: PicMonkey!

I wanted an actual "Nemo" image, instead of just a fish...since I figured the kids would recognize it & may enjoy that more...who doesn't love Finding Nemo?! It's one of my favs. I also wanted a red/white chevron print instead of just stripes for the background.

Though I didn't size them right width-wise, as they are a bit short on the sides to accommodate the length of the snack zip-lock baggie, but I'm sure the kiddos won't care one bit... I think they turned out pretty awesome!!

 photo Non-CandyFishValentineCards_zps82b48ebe.jpg

These are just too cute!!

K helped pour in equal measured amounts of gold fishies (a whole large, 33oz. box was just enough to fill 24 snack bags with 1/2 cup of goldfish each...phew, just barely made it!). She also helped staple them to the bags with mamma's assistance of course!

 photo 33E07D0F-CAA5-4F81-BB02-B60B93FB81B6-6495-0000057D8E2FDA5F_zps1402cd1a.jpg

Though since Valentine's is primarily a 'sweet' holiday, and I love baking... I'll still send her to school with some yummy cookies to share (1 each!)...that'll be in the next post ;-)


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