Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sprinkled with Love {Vday Cookies}

Since I'm sending K to school with a non-sugary treat with her Valentine cards...I still wanted to give the kids a batch of yummies. Check out my Pin-spiration  :-)

"Love" the way mine turned out...even if a few were a little overcooked!

 photo 15F1F97F-5DEE-47F0-821B-9618D33C0A7B-6495-0000057D7C395FC7_zpsc3ff1432.jpg

All I did was make the dough as directed on the sugar cookie package. While chilling the dough in the fridge, I unwrapped all my chocolate hearts. Then I used a tbsp to scoop out each cookie from the dough, rolled it into a ball, rolled the ball around in sprinkles (found mine in the dollar bins at Target), then baked for 10 min. 

 photo VdaySugarCookies_zps936598c1.jpg

After they were done, I let them cool for a few minutes, then transferred them to a wire rack.

 photo 754B1516-274A-4EC6-B0D4-3DEF28BD291E-6495-0000057D7E8EA450_zps7022c952.jpg

Then I lightly pressed in a chocolate heart into the middle. The cookies were still very warm, which melted the bottoms of the hearts just enough to act as a 'glue'. Then leave them completely alone & let them cool for an hour or so, before putting them in a plastic don't want a big melted mess!

 photo 122E0E11-627F-4F01-B585-C25D71156942-6495-0000057D97C4EDDD_zps37ccf11d.jpg

BE CAREFUL... if you press on one again to check if it has cooled &'ll end up with this...a very smashed heart {whoops!! haha}:

 photo 4E063B56-678B-4D7B-B5BA-1BCD461717F7-6495-000005825A2AA7BB_zpse5205baf.jpg


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