Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Day of Love!

My sweet Valentine was a step ahead and sent me some beautiful flowers yesterday to enjoy at work... such a loving hubs:

 photo 6181FED8-EBF9-4C30-886D-D9B9C947B72B-7078-0000060CDB3F16CA_zpsaea2b249.jpg

A little photo editing fun in PicMonkey of me & my love:

 photo helovesme-valentineedit_zps073e70e9.jpg

Woke up a little early today to make my loves some banana heart last year - only PINK!

 photo BFF423D7-C426-4375-8780-211714152FE8-7078-0000060CD985E189_zps9e4aef10.jpg

Then I dropped her off at school with her valentines & cookies to share... I love the little hair clip I made her... red & teal ribbon - such a pretty combo:
 photo ValentinesDay2013_zps595c9647.jpg

I snapped a few pics of the Vday crafts she's been working on, so cute!
 photo KsPreKValentinesParty2013_zpsec28ca08.jpg

And I'm freaking loving my new orangy-red, lace-back shirt I scored at Kohls... by Lauren Conrad, on sale for $18!!
 photo LCRedLaceShirt_zpsdd6b1c0c.jpg

HAPPY DAY OF X's & O's!!

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