Sunday, October 21, 2012

Princess Party #2 & a Dr. Seuss Bday

Squeezing 2 birthday parties in on one single day is quite the feat...and super exhausting. With all the kids, excitement, mingling and of course...cake...I'm surprised we made it through! 

First up, Princess Aubrie's 3rd birthday...Actually, I just happened to look at last October's posts...and found that the last time we celebrated her 2nd bday, we had another '1st' bday to attend right after...same as this year! Quite a coincidence...It's so nice to have this blog to look back on all our memories...without it, I'd seriously forget all these little details!!

Anyway, it was a drizzly morning, which wasn't ideal for lots of little beauties to be dressed up in their finest princess attire. But they didn't seem to mind, especially when a very special guest arrived!

Rapunzel made an appearance! She read to the girls, did face painting, singing, and finally - a quick scavenger hunt to find Princess Aubrie's special birthday surprise.

After that was of course 'Rapunzel' birthday cake then we made a mad dash to make it to the next party!

Next up, was baby Jack's 1st birthday...complete in Dr. Seuss theme! I cannot believe this little man is already ONE...blows my mind. He's just so adorable!!

I remember visiting him & the new parents in the hospital...bringing of course the awesome "Hospital Survivor Kit" to mamma...and a cute little faux 'tie' onesie for Jack.

Now he's walking like a champ, super independent, and has the most adorable little giggle. Love him! His mamma is pregnant with #2...he'll be a great big bro!

Can't wait to see pics of little Jack in his '1' bday hat I made him!

Such a fun day...but by the time we got back home around 4:30ish, we popped Cinderalla on, curled up on the couch...and this tired mamma took a quick, light snooze (all while sitting up with K under my arm) - much needed!


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