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Happy 4th Birthday Princess Kapri

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Finally...our countdown on the kitchen chalkboard has come to an end - and literally ALL. MORNING. LONG. she was asking about every 2-5 seconds if it was time for the party... her very own "Princess & Pirates" themed birthday party:

As if I didn't have enough things to check off on my self-imposed 'to-do' list...I had to cope with a seriously anxious little girl...oye.

My helpers & I got there 2 hrs early to set up...though there is NEVER enough time...I felt insanely rushed....and sweaty. I ran home 15 minutes before the party was supposed to start, changed Kapri into her tulle dress...and she decided at that very moment to tell me how itchy it was...o...m...g.

{{CLICK HERE to see the post about making her tulle tutu dress, picture overload!}}

It was now the time the party was to start...and we were there yet...whooops!! So I slipped on a pink tank underneath, changed into my dress...and off we went. Little princess was about 20 minutes late to her own party...ah well - she looked beautiful!

 photo HappyBirthdayKapriPics_zps02ec6cbd.jpg

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coral ladies - seriously not planned!
Pirate James & Princess Steve

Food & Treats table: princess & pirate cupcakes, "royal PB&J's" (were supposed to be in a crown shape, but the cookie cutter I had wasn't really workin with this bread...I think I should've refridgerated the bread overnight so they didn't just break when I went to use the cutter), "sword kabobs" (salami, cheddar cheese & gouda cheese), and "fish-n-chips" (literally! haha):

 photo PartyFood1_zpsee5a89ae.jpg

More food:  blue & pink swirled lollipops from Oriental Trading (HUGE hit with the kids), "pirate jello sails" (idea HERE), "wish upon a star" cookies (vanilla yogurt cookies from Trader Joes), and "pirates booty" cups:

 photo PartyFood2_zps6bcfb805.jpg

Saw these Fruit Wands on Pinterest (HERE) - and knew they'd be perfect!! I love how they turned out!
 photo WatermelonStarFruitWands_zpsfaf1242c.jpg

I found these 'lace' style plastic table covers at Walmart for less than $2 each... they were actually really pretty! The drink containers were filled with "Pirate Sea Water" and "Princess Punch"...scored those from Kirklands Home store (I added a chalkboard sticker in front to name them).
 photo PartyPics1_zpsa57ee066.jpg

I can't seem to find a picture of it...but next to the gifts I had an 11x14 framed image of this...I made it using PicMonkey:

all 11 Disney Princesses - so stoked I found this image!!

The goodie bag station... love the little tissue paper tassel garland my sisters & I made to hang on the table (tutorial HERE)... took a little time & finesse, but turned out great I think!
 photo GoodieBagTablePics_zps54262892.jpg

The goodie bags were filled with fun toys I bought from Oriental Trading... stickers, necklaces, rings, chocolate coins, & stamps... I made ones for both girls and boys:
 photo GoodieBagPics_zps886b9a2a.jpg

Kid activity tables... make your own foam pirate hat and/or princess crown (with sticker embellishments), treasure hunt list & easy-to-assemble paper treasure boxes to store their loot in, a tattoo station, and a coloring/bubble station:
 photo KidsBdayActivityTables_zps05d45a93.jpg

The girls were obsessed with the 'poster' princesses - they got to pose with them & take pics... too cute. I didn't buy this... my sis did during a last minute Party City was maybe $6 and came with 2 pieces that you tape up together...and a separate "Happy Birthday" sign...pictured above...between 2 pink balloons on the outside/doorframe of the rec room.
 photo PicswithPrincessPoster_zps6b11dd2e.jpg

A few pics of our fam & friends enjoying the day...loved seeing all the kiddos dressed up as either a princess or pirate...what kid doesn't like to dress up?!!

 photo PartyKids_zps54a94ab2.jpg

Outside play time... Tinkerbell boucy, treasure hunt in the sand, slides & swings...oh what fun!
 photo JumpySwingTreasureHunt_zps62269b4a.jpg

She LOVED her special Cinderella cupcake (scored for $7 at Ralphs of all places the day before!!):
 photo HappyBirthdayKapriCakePics_zps77e09eb4.jpg

Here's a vid of everyone singing to her (she was shy, but it was adorable!):

One quick family shot (only one pretty much), as we finished cleaning up the rec room & headed home after a long day of fun!
 photo IMG_0045_zpsad38237f.jpg

Oh...and here's a photo collage of her last year... I make one for every looking back at these:

Cannot believe we have a FOUR year old!!

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  1. I love all the things you have done for the party. I tried having a party for my daughter first birthday.. but nothing turned out as planned.. and families cant act like adults and mesh.. they pout. but anyways. i love all the little finger foods.. what kind of bread did you use for the 'royal pb&js' it looks good.?

    1. haha, yeah I know what you mean...a few things never go as planned for most occasions! The bread I got at Costco...was nice & fluffy ;-)

  2. What a fabulous princess/pirate themed party! We attended our first princess party this past weekend. Yes, I am a grown woman and just attended my first princess party. It was gorgeous. I was so inspired that I took several pics to use for an upcoming post. Great job Mejia.

    1. haha, never to young or old to attend a fab princess party Lisa! Thanks for your sweet comment :-)

  3. What a cute party! I love all the unique touches. :)

    1. Thanks so much Monica...I'm a sucker for all the fun small details ;-)

  4. Oh, those pirate Jello sails and wish upon a star cookies are so cute! She must have had so much fun. Thank you for sharing on Inspire Me Wednesday!

    1. Thanks Mel - I know, when I saw the template on Pinterest I knew I'd have to make them for her party, kids love jello!!

  5. Hi! this all looks awesome! I'm hoping to do a kids pirate day this summer and love that hunt list for a game. Was that something you made or downloaded?

  6. Hello, your party was awesome! Can you please tell me where I can find your invitations? I've looked online and can't seem to find them.

  7. I am looking for the link to the treasure hunt list. If you made it yourself, could I use it? My kids' birthday party is April 2. Thanks for getting it to me! Heather


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